About the Festival

For the first time the “Voice Craft” took place in September 2014. The event is held at the initiative of the Administration of Vologda, organized by the Centre of folk arts and crafts “Carved palisade”.


This is the only festival in Russia, where 7 of the competition program is presented full palette of traditional handicrafts. The uniqueness of the festival is not only the breadth of coverage, but also in conjunction fair activities and the competitive component.

The main objective

The main aim of the festival – the preservation, revitalization and promotion of folk arts and crafts, hand-held values of creative work, familiarizing the younger generation to the beauty of the national traditions, the return of popular culture in contemporary life.

Competitive program

Competitive programs for artists. Competitive programs for artists.


Fair provision of goods of all crafts. The fair presentation of goods of all crafts.


Presentations, exhibitions, master classes on various kinds of crafts.

Children program

Workshops for children, educational and game programs. Workshops for children, educational and game programs.


Sightseeing tours to historical and memorable places of Vologda.


Music and cultural programs at the sites of the city. Music and cultural programs at the site

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Reviews of Festival

  • “People often ask me where the best and most effectively preserved Russian folk culture, crafts revived. I always say – buy a ticket to Vologda. Experience Vologda is actively studied in Russia! “

    Marie Degn
    , director of "Toy Sergievo¬posadskaya"
  • “Emotions are the most positive. A wonderful holiday! With this festival, we can revive the shipbuilding industry not only in the Vologda region, but throughout Russia. Judging by the way the grass was trampled on our site are all very pleasant, people approached were interested in, and this means that the craft is not forgotten and will live “

    Sergey Tokarev
    , boat maker of the Kirillov district
  • “I am amazed, inspired and delighted festival” Voice of crafts! “” Very good organization, a lot of creative performances, a lot of different kinds of crafts. “

    Svetlana Andreeva
    , Vologda descendant of an old noble family

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